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Texas Notary Stamp and Supplies Requirements

  • Is a notary stamp or notary seal embosser required?

    Yes. Tex. Gov Ann. 406.013 requires a Texas notary to use a seal of office to authenticate all his or her acts. A Texas notary must use a seal of office that clearly shows, when embossed, stamped, or printed on a document, the words "notary public, State of Texas" around a star of five points, the notary public's name, the date the commission expires, and the notary ID number. The notary seal may be a circular form not more than 2" in diameter or a rectangular form not more than one inch in width and 2 1/2 inches in length.

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  • May I have more than one notary stamp or seal?

    Yes. Call The American Association of Notaries at 1-800-721-2663, email us at, or click here to order additional Texas notary stamps, embossers, and all other notary supplies.

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  • Do I need to keep a notary record book?

    Yes. A Texas notary is required by law to maintain a record book or journal of every notarial act performed. This record book must be maintained whether or not any fees are charged for your notary public service. We recommend that you record every notarization in your journal. This protects you against possible suits.
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  • How long must I keep my notary journal?

    The best practice is to keep your notary record books permanently. However, Texas law requires notaries to keep record book entries for at least the terms of their commissions or three years after the notarization date, whichever is longer.
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  • I lost my Texas notary stamp, what should I do now?

    Notify the Secretary of State immediately, and note the last time the notary stamp was used. Call The American Association of Notaries at 1-800-721-2663, email us at, or click here to order a new stamp.
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  • My employer kept my Texas notary stamp and journal. Is this allowed?

    No. The notary stamp, commission certificate, and journal are the property of the Texas notary. Your notary commission is issued to you, not to your employer, and your employer has no legal right to keep any of your notarial items, even if the employer paid for your commission.
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  • What color ink can I use on my notary stamp?

    Permanent ink must be used when using a rubber stamp type notary stamp; black ink is strongly recommended.
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  • Is a notary stamp or notary seal embosser allowed in Texas?

    Yes,  either an inked notary stamp-type notary seal or an embosser seal may be used. The American Association of Notaries recommends using a self-inking notary stamp. However, when using an embossing notary seal, either by itself or with your self-inking notary stamp, you must be sure to darken the raised letters of the embosser's impression so that it is legible on a photocopy. (Use of notary seal embossers are recommended for all documents destined for overseas recipients). To order an Alaska notary  stamp, a notary seal embosser, or an impression inker, contact our office at 713-644-2299 or click here.

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